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A TPS Variant for the arduino with some major enhancments.

Version 0.10 9.12.2018 WKLA

7.12.2018 WKLA

  • new define for serial programming

18.11.2018 WKLA

  • new standard programming mode

I added a new programming mode for the default programming, because i thing the old one was a little bit clumsy. The new one has a nicer interface, as you now always know where you are. Starting with PRG pushed after Reset. As a result, all LEDs will shortly blink now you are in programming mode.

  1. the D1 LED will blink
  2. the higher nibble of the address will be shown
  3. the D2 LED will blink
  4. the lower nibble of the address will be shown
  5. the D3 LED will blink
  6. the command part (high nibble) will be shown
  • with SEL you can step thru all commands
  • PRG will save the command
  1. the D4 LED will blink
  • the data part (low nibble) will be shown
  • with SEL you can step thru all datas
  • PRG will save the data,

if the new value has been changed, all LEDs will flash as the byte will be written to the EEPROM address will be increased and now it will start with blinking of the D1 LED

  • To leave the programming simply push reset.

Version 0.9 18.11.2018 WKLA

  • BUGs entfernt. Release.

10.11.2018 WKLA

  • Implementierung Tone Befehl

Version 0.8 06.11.2018 WKLA

  • Umstellung auf dbgOut
  • Display TM1637 Anbindung

Version 0.7 24.09.2012 WKLA

  • neue Berechnung A = B - A und Swap A,B…
  • Stack auf 16 Bytes berschränkt, wird zu oft gepusht, werden die alten Werte rausgeschoben.

06.11.2018 Version 0.8

  • some bug fixes
  • adding new advanced programming mode. (selectable on starting with PRG and SEL switch pressed) The address will be displayed on the first 2 digits of the display, 3 is the command, 4th is the data part of the command (col and row in table) starting with setting command nibble, pressing SEL will step thru the values, pressing PRG will switch to edit data. Next PRG press will save the data and step to the next address.

24.09.2012 Version 0.6

  • Wertebereich der Servo im Byte modus geändert. Wertebereich geht nun von 0 - 255. 0 = 0° 255 = 180°.

20.09.2012 Version 0.5

  • Interpreter beschleunigt.

20.09.2012 Version 0.4

  • neue Befehle implementiert.

19.09.2012 Version 0.3

  • kleiner Bug korrigiert.

19.09.2012 Version 0.2

  • Servo korrigiert
  • Auslesen des Pulses (RC) korrigiert. Liegen nun auf den Pins 17,18 (A3,4) da die Pins 12,13 nicht mit der PulseIn Funktion funktionieren.

18.09.2012 Version 0.1

  • Initiale Version.
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